Twitter is Changing: Here’s What You Need To Know

Written by Deirdre Keon on 21st May 2018

Twitter has recently announced another significant change to the way its conversations will work, evaluating not just the content of individual tweets but the way users behave more broadly on the platform.

Twitter representatives recently published a blog post about the changes, outlining the steps it is taking to address what it defined as “troll” behaviour. Twitter also said it was using policies, human review processes, and machine learning to manage how Tweets are organised in conversation and search. It also said one of the behavioural signals it would be paying attention to are accounts that do not have confirmed email addresses.

The site will now use thousands of behaviour signals when filtering search, replies and algorithmic recommendations, pushing tweets from offending users farther down the timeline.

In a recent online publication, Twitter quoted that ‘’by using new tools to address this conduct from a behavioural perspective, we’re able to improve the health of the conversation, and everyone’s experience on Twitter, without waiting for people who use Twitter to report potential issues to us’’

In February, Twitter took some aggressive steps to curb spam and bot activity by blocking identical actions across multiple accounts. Less automation now means more time-intensive tasks for businesses. The new policy restrictions no longer permit simultaneous posts with identical content to be shared across multiple accounts.

It also eliminated the ability for a user to simultaneously ‘Like’ or ‘Retweet’ a post or ‘Follow’ an account from multiple accounts. This means that users of automation platforms like Tweet Deck can no longer select multiple accounts to automate posts, tweets, retweets, likes or follows.
Instead of posting identical content to multiple accounts, Twitter recommends creating a tweet from one account and then retweeting the content from another account.

With Twitter’s ongoing attempt to improve the health of its platform, it remains to be seen how this will impact businesses moving forward. If you would like further information on Social Media Marketing, feel free to get in touch today with our experienced team on +353 1 5253188 or email