Facebook News Feed Changes

Written by Deirdre Keon on 15th January 2018

Facebook News Feed changes have been announced. What does this mean for your News Feed?

In today’s world, most of our Facebook news feeds are dominated by professionally made content from brands, businesses and the news media. According to a recent announcement from Mark Zuckerberg, that is all set to change very soon. Facebook’s new goal is to help you to “have more meaningful interactions”.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook has studied academic research and concluded that social media is only good for a user’s well being if they use it to “connect with people we care about”. So Facebook now wants to promote the sorts of posts that encourage those interactions. Moving forward, expect your news feed to be now dominated by posts from friends and family, as well as Facebook groups that you are a member of.

Facebook has long displayed concerns over the decline in organic sharing with users posting content about their own lives, rather than simply sharing links to the wider web or professionally produced videos and photos.

Facebook now plans to promote posts that generate discussions over those that are ‘passively consumed’. Facebook’s company executives say they hope the changes will make people feel better about using Facebook, following a year in which critics have warned of its negative effects on society and high-profile former employees have distanced themselves from their creation.

Facebook have also reportedly partnered recently with fact-checking organisations, working to prevent fake news from spreading. It is now forcing all advertisers to disclose the content of their advertising publicly.

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