Driving Sales with Bing Ads

Written by Deirdre Keon on 7th June 2017

At FCDM, we are Bing Ads Accredited Professionals and have used Bing Ads to help numerous business grow significantly and thrive.


Bing powers 12 billion monthly searches around the globe and can connect your business with 58 million searchers that Google can’t reach. Recent stats have reported that the Bing Network audience spends 16% more online than average internet searchers, which poses a huge opportunity to retailers.

Almost 25% of clicks within the Bing Network come from searches that are exclusive to the network, so searchers have the possibility to become your businesses most valuable customers.

At FCDM, we are Bing Ads Accredited Professionals and have used Bing Ads to help numerous business grow significantly and thrive.


How FCDM are driving sales with Bing Ads for Ireland Leading flower retailer, Flowers.ie


First and foremost, Bing Ads can greatly contribute to increasing brand awareness. Becoming a known as a trusted expert in your field can help your business to dramatically drive sales. All businesses want their customers to associate their brand with the solutions they specifically offer however, businesses struggle to establish that connection. A strategic Bing Ad campaign can assist in building a reputation around your strengths. At FCDM, we were able to accomplish this for our client Flowers.ie in a matter of months.

Through using the Bing Ads targeting, we could control what search queries triggered our ads and when. This helped customers who searched for ‘Flowers’ or related terms to associate the Flowers.ie brand, with different types of solutions. Bidding on non-branded keywords helped to grow brand awareness and made the Flowers.ie brand synonymous with the questions potential customers were asking.

Our team used Bing’s ad extensions also to include Sitelink Extensions to grow their conversion rate on non-branded terms by 121%. Flowers.ie introduced their brand at the level of their broadest queries and Bing helped to turn those people into profitable customers through online sales.

We used Location Extensions to increase Flowers.ie sales by driving more in-store traffic to their stores nationwide by including their address and a directions link in the ads. We also used irresistible incentives in the ad copy to increase the retail traffic for off peak times which has worked incredibly well.

Our experienced developers added Universal Event Tracking (UET) codes to the website to track the data that allows us to track the conversion goals and in turn target audiences with remarketing lists.

In April, Bing announced the launch of ‘Add Keyword Opportunities’ in the Bing Ads app for iOS and Android. The new feature provides keyword suggestions based on campaign ads, landing pages and existing keywords, which has further enhanced our ability at FCDM to continually improve the performance of the Flowers.ie campaign and consistent drive sales.

Need help driving more sales to your business with Bing Ads?


At FCDM, we are a result driven agency, that focus on the return and value that our targeted campaigns provide. We have successfully created and executed numerous Bing Ad campaigns for our clients, that have yielded an excellent ROI. If you feel that you are ready to add Bing Ads to the list of services that you use to drive sales, contact a member of our experienced team today and take your business to new heights!