More New Options For Snapchat Ads from Snap Inc

Written by Melanie Revins on 11th January 2017

Snapchat sprang to life in 2011 and for many years was considered a gimmick. It seemed that it was used almost exclusively by teenagers with a lot more time than morals! The last three years have been formative ones for Snapchat though. It’s transition to a useful and powerful marketing platform has been a swift one. Of course, once Snapchat was marketable, we welcomed Snapchat ads, including ‘shoppable’ ads.

The platform continues to both grow and evolve and the arrival of tools capable of measuring success is exactly what many business owners and marketers want to see. It’s allowing people deep dive into their advertising results and measure everything from impressions to click through.

Latest Snapchat ads additions

According to a Snap Inc. rep, the latest Snapchat ads additions are to include ‘auto-fill’. Put simply, this means that users can complete a form featured in  Snapchat ads with one click. Effectively, this removes all barriers to entry/engagement. Consider the implications for products or services like gym memberships, flower deliveries, insurance companies and many more. They’re huge.

Snapchat aside, it has always been a difficult task to get users (or potential leads) to take valuable time out of their day to fill in their personal information on a form. With so much volume of web traffic now generated from mobile, it’s no mistake to say that task becomes even harder.

Snapchat have decided not to reveal the clients that will be using Snapchat ads new auto-fill feature. I guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes open!

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SnapChat ads

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