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Written by Melanie Revins on 16th February 2017

Shooting, starring in and publicising live video for your business is terrifying right? I mean you’re no Spielberg! OK…you might not be Spielberg, but live video for your business is not necessarily something that needs to keep you awake at night.

Whether you’re using Facebook Live, Periscope or any number of the other emerging live video platforms online, there are some simple tips worth keeping in mind.



Live video can feel like an unstructured format…but it doesn’t need to. Yes, of course there’s an element of anything can happen, but keeping key elements consistent will add a structure. Make viewers feel familiar with what you’re producing. Try, where possible, to use the same host for every video.

People watched Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show religiously. They expected to see him. On weeks when he wasn’t there, the replacement was in his seat. There was a structure that the public were comfortable with. It might sound almost too safe, but when you’re dipping your toes in the water, think small steps!


If you’re not going to interact with your viewers…then why go live? Just shoot a traditional video. That will take the panic of being live out of the equation…but it also takes away your ability to make meaningful connections. If you’re going to shoot live video, embrace live video. You won’t regret it.


Everyone has a favourite TV or radio host. Watch or listen to them carefully. Try to pick up how they say what they say, but remember, take inspiration, don’t imitate. If you’re going to try replicate someone else, you’re not bringing anything new and your relevance drops to zero.

Live video is still something that’s relatively new. It has yet to produce any stars like YouTube and Snapchat has. It’s a long shot…but your business could be that star! If you want to try it, FCDM want to help! Contact us here for more information.

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