Optimising Digital Ads to Drive Call Conversions

Written by Deirdre Keon on 26th November 2018

Smartphones have transformed the way consumers engage with businesses online. Nowadays, instead of filling out a website form on a page, customers are converting simply by calling!

Calls are deemed a vital part of the customer journey for all industries but especially those with complex, expensive, infrequent, or urgent purchases.

At FCDM, our experienced team understand the importance of tracking all leads that come in over the phone, but that it is critical to make sure those calls get routed to the right person to turn them into revenue. Hence, taking a data-driven approach to calls to boost ROI and optimize media spend is what we love to do!

What steps should you take when optimising digital ads to drive call conversions?


  • Add phone numbers and click-to-call buttons to all of your digital ads


  • Add click-to-call, call to action bottoms throughout your website to make it easy for consumers researching your products or services to call you.


  • If your main aim is to track the number of calls and see who is calling, you can use a simple solution such as a click-to-call counter or Google call extensions.


  • Google call extensions allows you to add your phone number to your Google AdWords ads.


Knowing the channel, ad, keyword search, email and/or campaign that drove each call is critical to knowing how to optimise spending and messaging to drive more.


When the call is received, it is vital that you capture who the caller is, the phone number, the geographic location, the day and time of the call and the particular browser used.


Digital advertising has gone mobile in every aspect and when consumers engage with your digital ads they will convert in the most convenient and immediate way: by calling. If you need help with optimising digital ads to drive call conversions, get in touch with us today!