Google Release New Ad Extensions for Call-Only Ads

Written by Deirdre Keon on 22nd September 2017

Google have reported that implementing new extensions to call-only ads can improve clicks by 10% on average

Call-only ads are designed to encourage people to call your business and only appear on devices that can make phone calls. Previously, call-only ads did not display these ad extensions, but now call-only ads will be eligible for three extension types. Not surprisingly, the extensions aren’t those that require clicks, as the goal of the call-only ads is to increase phone calls.

Google recently commented that ’hundreds of thousands of advertisers are already using call-only ads to generate more phone calls from mobile search. We are now introducing upgrades to call-only ads, starting with the launch of ad extensions. For the first time, you’ll be able to show ad extensions with call-only ads to promote more relevant information about your products and services, and give people more reasons to choose your business. In early experiments, we’ve found that implementing new extensions to call-only ads can improve clickthrough rate by 10% on average’.

The three ad extensions available for call-only ads are:

Location extensions

Using location extensions can let users know where they are calling, give the location of your nearby business and will help drive increased in store visits.

Callout extensions

Call out extensions offer flexibility in providing more detail in the ad. Businesses can promote unique offers and benefits such as 24-hour customer service etc.

Structured snippets

Just as with text ads, structured snippets give simple context to goods and services using predefined headers like ‘Destinations’ and ‘Types’ and can now be added to call only ads.

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