Content Marketing: Why Great Content Is Crucial

Written by Ita Buckley on 14th December 2015

When it comes to selling a house, it’s ‘location, location, location’. When it comes to websites, it could well be said that it’s ‘content, content, content’.

Just having a great-looking website by itself will not achieve what you want: visitors who do what you want them to do.

Excellent content is essential, as research shows. One study found that more than 60% of consumers said they felt better about a company that provided custom content on a consistent basis. Another study found that 70% of customers prefer to learn about a company or brand through article-type content than through advertisements.

The content on your site is largely responsible for helping to draw visitors to your website, partly through judicious use of keywords but increasingly through the quality of the content in itself.


Why Content Works Better Than Ads

How, though, do you compete when there’s so much content being churned out online every day? More than four million search queries are made on Google every minute. In that same minute, Facebook users share more than two million pieces of content. And then there’s YouTube, Twitter and Instagram …

So how can you compete with all that ‘noise’?

You won’t do it with ads alone. An estimated 200m people use ad blocking technologies when they’re browsing the Internet. And anyway people are becoming increasingly blind to ads online. The click-through rate (CTR) for regular banner ads is under 0.3%; for content, it’s 4%.

The main way is to deliver content that is specifically tailored to the people you want to engage with – whether it’s relevant, entertaining, informational, or an answer to their questions. People want content that fits their interests, that makes their lives better or easier.

If your content is evergreen, all the better. It will continue to be viewed and shared in the future. Thus what you spend on creating such content keeps on rewarding you. The return on investment is potentially huge.


Content Creation Services

If you can produce the content yourself, well and good. Just make sure it’s the best use of your time and energy. If you can’t, you can use a content creation service that will deliver the content you need as you need it, such as pages for your website or regular blog posts.

The content must be well written, engaging and as error-free as possible. It will not reflect positively on your business if errors appear consistently, the text is dull or lacks clarity.

The content must never be copied from other sources. This can seriously damage your website. The content must be unique to your website.

The content on your website should also be search-engine optimized. That means it should include keywords so that Google and other search engines can see clearly what your content is about.

It’s also important that your content has a specific purpose, and that it includes a call to action.


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