Double Your Engagement By Creating Effective LinkedIn Content

Written by Deirdre Keon on 4th July 2017


LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for driving engagement and generating quality sales leads for your business.

Whether you are posting a link to your latest blog on your website or using LinkedIn Pulse as a content delivery tool, LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for driving engagement and generating quality sales leads for your business. However, businesses struggle to harness the power of LinkedIn due to many factors and forget the core principles that should guide their content delivery strategy. Creating effective LinkedIn content can be a challenge but our expert team at FCDM can help you.

Put simply, your content should be:

  • Unique to the LinkedIn platform
  • Be fully geared towards the LinkedIn demographic who are business to business professionals

The LinkedIn audience of busy business to business professionals, are very much ‘time poor’ so it’s important that your posts include insights or information that is useful to them and won’t take them to long to consume and decipher! It is vital to incorporate actionable tips and learnings into each piece of content and your business should focus primarily on writing about the areas in which you have expertise.

Our experienced team at FCDM have complied 4 key points to help guide you when creating effective LinkedIn content:

Create snappy headlines

Put some thought into to your headlines and generate short and snappy headlines that will make your audience want to click to find out more. When generating a headline for your article, make sure, that it is short and concise and draws in the reader.

Create short posts and keep them focused

We would recommend that a piece of content be no shorter than 300 words and no longer than 600 words for LinkedIn posts. Outlining your key message in the introductory paragraph to the article and itemising the main points is a must. Ensure then that you lead into the second paragraph with a strong hook, that will keep your audience engaged and read on.
Remember to remain focused and try not to cover too many topics in the same post. #TopTip Cut out the waffle and use efficient phrasings to portray your message.

Use supporting, powerful, branded imagery for each post

Using imagery that compliments your LinkedIn post will make your article stand out from the crowd in the busy LinkedIn newsfeed. Make sure that you use branded, relevant imagery on all posts, that will resonate with the professional audience that you are communicating with and entice them to click on your article.

Publish regularly but not too often

We would recommend that you post two articles per week. Posting too often can affect the amount of engagement and impressions that your post receives on LinkedIn. Engaging and converting readers should be your primary focus, so creating and sharing effective LinkedIn content at regular weekly intervals will keep your brand ‘top of mind’ without bombarding your audience.

At FCDM, we are a result driven agency, that focus on the return and value that our targeted campaigns provide. We help our clients to create effective LinkedIn content, that yields an excellent ROI. If you feel that your business might benefit by using LinkedIn to help drive engagement and generate quality sales leads, contact a member of our experienced team today and take your business to new heights with FCDM.