Digital Marketing Agency for the Construction Industry

Written by Deirdre Keon on 29th May 2017

Digital Marketing Agency for the Construction Industry

It’s no secret that digital marketing is now an increasingly important means for all businesses in attracting and securing business. No matter what sector that they are operating in, it is vital that businesses take an interest in digital, as this is where their customers and potential prospects are.

At FCDM, we specialise in delivering results driven, online solutions for the Construction Sector in Ireland and abroad. We have found, especially since the upturn in the economy, that it is not uncommon to now find staff and business owners in the construction sector, doing digital marketing tasks for the sake of doing digital marketing essentially, with no aims, goals or understanding if things are working or not. Without taking a strategic approach to digital, it can prove to be very costly in terms and time and budget.

As a leading digital marketing agency for the Construction Industry, we are experts in creating and delivering multi-channel digital marketing strategies. Our experienced team at FCDM, coordinate and deliver strategic campaigns, that are fully measurable, that will deliver an excellent return on investment.

We have a proven track record in delivering award winning marketing solutions for many top companies in the construction sector both here in Ireland and abroad. Our clients benefit from increased conversion rates, improved brand awareness, increased sales leads and enhanced profitability. Some of our clients in the construction industry include: Ardex Ireland, Bal Adhesives Ireland, the Feltrim Group based in Florida, USA and MSS Building Services Ltd.

Ardex Ireland

FCDM partnered with Ardex Ireland in 2014 and developed an integrated multi-channel strategy, aiming to increase their online visibility, establish their brand and drive traffic to a primary website, where leads could be converted to profitable customers.

The initial strategy included the delivery of a new, lead generating website, designed in line with their corporate identity guidelines, which included a content management system (WordPress), search-engine optimisation (SEO) and website content creation. The website was carefully structured and formulated so that every page leads the prospect through a series of considered steps, closely aligned to the stages within the construction buying cycle.

We created a dynamic and responsive website that engages prospective clients with interactive tools and features including datasheets and calculators, that are intuitive and easy to use. The new Ardex Ireland website was designed to cater for all of its customers, providing all of the details and knowledge they need when providing advice and support to their customers or training for their team members.

Our experienced team then crafted a supporting digital strategy to support the new online platform to include social media optimisation, monitoring and engagement, monthly newsletters and blogs.


Ardex Ireland comments: ‘The team at FCDM have made the change from having a poor digital presence to creating a full digital marketing strategy very smooth. Their ability to create a professional image for our company in all they do is fantastic and this has helped us to get our message out to our customers. FCDM’s strategy continues to generate leads and we can really see the value now in investing in our online presence and how it plays a vital role in business development’


Discovering the benefits of construction digital marketing services, has proven very profitable for our clients. As a leading digital marketing agency for the Construction Industry, we specialise in driving online business opportunities for many businesses from building product manufacturers to specialist organisations within the construction industry.

Whether you are a construction business specialising in residential building projects, large commercial developments, renovations of historical buildings or road construction, we can create individual, effective digital strategies to help you to soar above your competition.

Discover how our construction digital marketing services can enhance your businesses bottom line, by scheduling a consultation with our experienced team today. Get in touch on +353 1 5253188 or email