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There was some big news coming out of Facebook HQ yesterday as they unveiled some new, mobile friendly features. Something Facebook has never overlooked is the importance of having a mobile friendly website.Google are now penalising websites that are not mobile friendly. This means that websites that are not mobile compatible, will be ranked lower in their search engines. With people visiting Facebook more than four billion times per day, you would wonder how many of them are on mobile devices.

What are the mobile friendly improvements?


Improved Controls

It will be easier for you to see what others can view by introducing a new customizable space at the top of your profile. Visually, you can highlight what’s important to you by choosing up five featured photos to be at the top of your profile. You can now also fill out the new, one-line ‘Bio’ field: select certain public fields like education to appear here.

Design improvements

There are also some mobile friendly improvements in terms of the design of your mobile profile. Your profile picture, for example, will no longer sit in the corner of the screen and will now be in the middle of your profile.

Another new feature is a motion enabled avatar which are short, looping video clips that play when anyone visits your profile. They are up to 7 seconds of footage that you can take using your mobile phone. Sadly, only a small number of users in Ireland will be seeing these updates right away!

At FCDM, all of our websites are built to be mobile responsive, meaning that they react to the size of the user’s screen and deliver an optimal user experience whatever the device. We create a seamless responsive design that will boost customer engagement and increase mobile conversion rates. Contact us today to get your company’s website moving forward and mobile responsive .


importance of web analyticsAre you looking for a Marketing Agency in Dublin? Are you looking for specialist help in getting your business noticed online and offline?

FCDM has built a name for itself as a reputable, high-quality Marketing Agency. With award winning web design and first class customer service, FCDM truly are the industry leaders when it comes to Digital Marketing. Specialising in social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, content marketing, bespoke website design and development using a combination of WordPress/Magento and custom codin, FCDM are sure to help your business grow online and build a strong relationship with your customers.

The FCDM Marketing Agency in Dublin have assisted a wealth of customers with their offline image. In some circumstances a poster, brochure or business card is the first point of contact with your customer. That is to say that, this is the customers first opportunity to assess your company and you will want to make an excellent, long lasting, first impression. That is why, it is so important to hand over something to your customer that is unequivocally “you”. Your company’s values, ethos and personality need to shine- and with the right marketing Agency behind you – Your Company will soar.

Members of the FCDM team have undergone rigorous testing by Google and hold the prestigious title of being “Google AdWords Certified” meaning that our team understand the inner workings of this Google product and understand how to get the most out of the tool. Our team also have access to new product information and recent updates from Google, so your companies marketing will remain up to date with Googles changes.

If you are interested in finding out more about FCDM Marketing Agency in Dublin-Simply contact a member of our team or phone us on 01 5253188.

Print and printed material is an essential marketing tool for every business. Nowadays, however traditional marketing is often overlooked in favour of putting every ounce of energy available into modern marketing. At FCDM, we understand just how powerful print is when marketing your business. You may choose a flyer with a promotion, a full brochure that tells the story of your brand or a poster that delivers a message – whatever your needs, FCDM will produce a design for you that will really grab the attention of your customers.

What FCDM do for traditional marketing

FCDM is a company with a difference, we have a passion for delivering results which can be seen proven through the success of our clients. We have a team of highly skilled graphic designers that will work with the client to create a design that conveys their every need. We take pride in ensuring your print material is innovative, cutting-edge, and in line with your brand values and your business objectives. Our branding process will ensure that your print material complements all your digital and on-line activity, so that you tell one powerful, consistent story both on-line and off-line.
FCDMWe cater for all types of traditional marketing, whether you need full colour brochures, postcards, flyers, posters or conference materials, our expert team of designers will be able to create something that suits you.The materials we can design include:

Business Cards
Leaflets & Flyers
Signage – Indoor and Outdoor
Branded Promotional Products

Trust us, traditional marketing will act as a compass giving you rock solid purpose and vision helping you to achieve all other desired business goals and objectives. So if there is something you need designed, make sure to contact us for a quote today.

Snapchat users will have noticed some significant new features in the mobile application’s latest version over the past week. Snapchat is currently the most used mobile application service on a daily basis in Ireland.
The updates include a feature that will enhance selfies called Lenses and Snapchat’s first-ever attempt at in-app purchases, Replays.


Snapchat logoWith Lenses, users will be able to take a selfie, and then choose one of several face filters to bring their snaps to life. The filters, or lenses, will pop up automatically when a user’s camera is in selfie mode, and they press and hold down on their face on the screen.
The lenses can distort your face so you look like something out of a scary movie, for example, or they can add animations and sound. You may have had several family members or friends bombarding you with pictures of themselves with a rainbow flowing out of their mouths!

Paid Replays

Perhaps the most significant new Snapchat feature is the first feature users will have to pay for on the service.
Snapchat, which is built on photo and video messages that disappear after a few seconds, has been letting its users replay one snap of their choosing every day for the past two years.
Now, Snapchat users will be allowed to replay more snaps, but it will cost them. They’ll be able to purchase three replays for 99c to use whenever they want, but they can’t use them to replay the same snap over and over again.

With more new updates planned and Snapchat’s intention of adding features you have to pay for, expect more new features to come sooner rather than later! This is a perfect example of a business doing well in their market but constantly striving to improve on what they offer. At FCDM, we provide our clients with a strategy to improve their online presence so they can watch their business grow.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, that can help strategize and deliver results for your business, get in touch today

Google recently launched a new extension for Google AdWords called Structured Snippets. These snippets automatically show additional details about your website.

When people search a term on Google, it is safe to assume that they are interested in this topic and would like to receive a lot of information about it. People can sometimes find it hard to evaluate a website from the Meta description. These structured snippets will include additional information about your company’s products or features.

Structured Snippets benefits

Some of the key benefits to the structured snippet extensions are;

Help people find out more about your products and services without changing a thing: Additional information from the analysis of your website can appear with your ad automatically, with no additional effort or ad management on your part.
Improve your return on investment: The additional website information that appears with your ads can increase your ads’ relevance and clickthrough rate. This can help you improve your return on investment by focusing on attracting clicks from visitors who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.
Costless: Another wonderful thing about Google Sturcutured Snippets is that it does not cost extra to avail of this brand new tool. You can just add it to your existing ads.

FCDM (Full Circle Digital Marketing) have a wealth of experience ranging from Social Media Marketing to Website Design and everything in between. Our approach is simple, we help your business succeed.
FCDM are also Google Partners meaning that members of our team have studied under the guidance of Google and have learnt how to get the most out of the AdWords tool. As well as this we receive unrivalled access to information about upcoming features and techniques to help our clients thrive online.

So, If you are interested in finding out more information, about getting your business off the ground and online or improving your businesses online presence – Simply contact a member of our team today.

CDMA15-Badge-Nominee-350FCDM are delighted to announce, that our client, has been nominated for “Best use of Facebook” and “Best Website” at the Cork Digital Marketing Awards.

The Cork Digital Marketing Awards are organised by the Cork Chamber and allows companies in the area, the opportunity to showcase their excellent use of Digital Marketing and to be recognised for their exceptional online engagement. Companies were invited to nominate themselves, before September 7th, after the list of companies were published online.

Successful companies will experience a vast quality of superb publicity as well as giving your company a competitive edge when seeking clients.

The winners will be announced at CDM’s gala event in Fota Island Resort on the 29th October. Many of the nominated companies will be in attendance, as well as the members of the Cork Chamber. KC, Programme Director of RED FM will be host and MC for the evening.

FlatOut started its journey in January 2014 and since then it has been on a steady upward trajectory. It all began, when the owner, Andrew who is an avid motor sport fan and competitor- found that the industry was lacking a “one-stop-shop”, where organisers could post ads about upcoming events and competitors and supporters could advertise goods for sale. It was from this thought that came to be.

The FCDM team designed and created and, as well as branding the companies social media accounts. We have worked very closely with Andrew and his team in order to provide them with a truly unique and special website.

FCDM take great pride in congratulating Andrew and his FlatOut team in this amazing nomination, and we wish them the best of luck for the 29th October.

website-designAre you looking for professional web designers in Ireland to help you get your business off the ground and online? Or are you interested in finding out more information about how an online presence could improve your business?

FCDM’s team of in-house web designers and developers, have the knowledge and experience to help your businesses website succeed and be noticed online.

If your business does not currently sell online, our team will design, custom code and test your website. Working closely with our customers is very important to us, meaning that a member of our team will walk you through every stage of the design and creation process so you will be in the loop at all times.

Is your business is already online but you do not feel you are getting the most out of your online presence? Our team will redesign your website to ensure that your business enjoys a a new lease of life, improving the features you would like utilise and removing or replacing features that have become redundant. Resulting in your company giving the best first impression possible.

FCDM are proud to have a professional team of web designers in Ireland. We are fully Google Certified, meaning that members of our team have passed Google’s rigorous examinations. So what does that mean for our clients? Well not only will your businesses online presence be in safe hand with a team, that have been trusted by Google, but your business will gain unrivalled access to new additions to the Google Suite.

If you are interested in learning more about our talented team of web designers in Ireland, website redesign or improving your online presence, simply get in touch with a dedicated member of our team today.

To contact us, either click here, send us an email or call us on 01 5253188

Put simply, we help your business grow- FCDM

social-media-marketingOn the 4th of February 2004, a young entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg, launched a social network known as Facebook. 

Since then, Facebook has been on a rapid upward trajectory. Its popularity has not only increased with individuals, but also with companies and organisations.


In recent times, there has been a huge increase in companies, choosing social media marketing as their primary marketing tool. With over 500 million active users, an easy-to-use interface and a free to use service, Facebook has numerous benefits for any business.

Here are 3 useful tips, which will help you manage your business Facebook page, much more effectively:


Tip 1. Use engaging content

Rich media like photos and videos get more attention and help your message stand out in the news feed, on your business Facebook page. Try sharing images of your products or photos of your customers enjoying your services.


Tip 2. Plan your conversational calendar

The easiest way to stay in regular contact with customers, is by creating a conversational calendar, with ideas about what to talk about each week or month.

A content calendar, will not only help you post regularly, but will ensure your content is well planned, interesting and that you don’t miss major business events and news. Find a frequency that works for you and your audience.


Tip 3. Remember your business Facebook page is NOT your website

Some people forget that Facebook is a tool to enhance your website. Meaning that you should not copy all of the content from your website, onto your Facebook page and vice versa. Facebook should provide your customers with a taster menu of what your website is all about.  That way, if they are interested and want to find out more, then they can visit your website.


There are many more simple steps you can take to make your business Facebook page work better.


Contact us today, to find out how FCDM can help your business grow!


google certified partnersProduct Listing Ads are a new feature to be added to Google Adwords.

Customers searching for an item will be shown a selection of products related to their search. These ads will be shown alongside other ads during a Google search.

Product Listing Ads have been proven to increase a company’s CTR (Click through rate), when compared to text ads shown under the same conditions. In some cases, a company’s CTR has been doubled and some have even tripled.

As a result of helping potential customers make an informed decision, you will notice a better quality of sales enquiries. Customers become more educated on the purchase they are about to make, meaning that more of your successful search queries will convert into sales.

This new form of advertising provides businesses with a broader presence. Ads, text based or Product Listing, can both appear in a search, meaning that your company may appear twice in one search. Thus, resulting in excellent exposure for your brand.

Google Product Listing Ads provide an in-depth look at how your products are performing in a search by simply filtering your ‘product view’.

These ads use your company’s product feed, instead of keywords and phrases. Google bots match a term entered into Google Search or Google Shopping, with the products in your product feed. So, as a retailer, it is vital to keep your database up to date.

FCDM are Google Partners, meaning that our team is up to date with the ever changing algorithms. We are hot on the heels of Google’s bots and we know when to change a company’s tack online.

If you are interested in getting your business noticed online, contact a member of our team today. Put simply, we help your business succeed.

Google Product Listing Ads available on, and other excluding

display-marketingSearch Engine Marketing is a term, which is being used more and more often in the Digital Marketing world.

SEM has been defined, as a form of internet marketing, used to increase the visibility of a website in search engines. Successful Search Engine Marketing strategies include many elements such as Search Engine Optimisation, PPC advertising and Social Media Marketing.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is the process of directing traffic to a website and a way of achieving search results. It can be broken down into two groups:

On-page SEO can be achieved by:

  • Including select keywords in page titles, text body, meta descriptions, alt tags etc.
  • Regularly updated pages with high quality posts and content.
  • Maintaining clean and organised pages.
  • Placing images and text on all pages.


Off-page SEO can be achieved by:

  • Including backlinks to a website from other websites. I.e. Forums, review sites, recommendations from other companies etc.
  • Sharing content onto social networks.


PPC explained: Pay Per Click is a method of advertising online and is used to drive traffic to a website. Advertisers pay anytime their ad is clicked on. Advertisers can also bid for a better position in search engine results. It is believed that customers will not view results past the first page. So by ensuring your position at the top of the page, you are increasing the chances of being clicked on and thus making a conversion.

SMM: Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing, which utilises social networks. The goal of SMM is to increase brand exposure and expand the reach of a company.

SEO, PPC and SMM are all just pieces in a puzzle, that when placed in the right order, make up SEM. If you take out one of the pieces, the picture in incomplete as all these aspects must work together, in tandem, in order to succeed.

FCDM is the market leading Search Engine Marketing service provider. With our unrivalled experience in content creation, search engine optimisation, and pay-per-click management, your company will see measurable results.

Get in touch today and speak to a member of our expert team!