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Creating websites and strategic digital marketing campaigns that win business

Who are FCDM (Full Circle Digital Marketing)?

We are a dynamic online and digital marketing agency based in Athlone, Roscommon. We provide a complete solution to the challenges facing small to medium sized businesses trying to increase their online presence. We also provide customer generation and retention through the internet, from website design through to a complete online marketing service.

What do we do? (Online Marketing)

Our company provides website design, website maintenance, monthly online marketing and advertising campaigns, and ongoing social media management. FCDM manages the total online marketing for its customers. The unique selling point for our company is the absolute focus on increasing conversion rates for every client via analytics, which delivers increased sales leads and in turn increases sales and profitability.

Benefits of working with FCDM?

Our overall aim here at FCDM is to work in partnership with our clients, in order to help deliver your business goals. Our expert team offers you a unique blend of skills
consisting of creativity, technical expertise, advanced project management, social media and content development experience. We have a proven track record in achieving award winning marketing solutions for many of Ireland’s top companies. We have provided clients from all over the world with many online marketing services from email newsletter design to Google AdWords campaigns.


Since coming on board with FCDM over 3 years ago has went from having virtually no online sales, to having over 75% of their business through online sales. The online growth of the website has been phenomenal.

The FCDM team created a user friendly website to gain, engage and retain customers. is now Ireland’s number 1 flower website, and has changed the way in which flowers are distributed.

This was made possible through the collaboration between both and FCDM. has a team of expert florists throughout Ireland and we have pushed them into the internet world making them a globally recognised business.

There is no secret behind the success of FCDM achieved top results through hard work, knowledge and experience. We have a team of highly driven experts and we are passionate about achieving results through online marketing.

Call the FCDM team today and allow us to help your business grow.

online marketing FCDM is looking for a Sales and Marketing Assistant to join our team.

FCDM is a Digital Marketing company based in Athlone. Our team deals with website development and online marketing. Recognising the needs of our clients, we have grown our online services, offering expertise Digital Marketing Consultation and top class multifunctional websites.

Key responsibilities and duties include:

• Build relationships with existing business to business clients
• Develop leads and generate new business
• Maximise revenue spend with each company
• Project a professional impression of the company
• Cold calling to arrange meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business
• Digital Marketing Activities including social media, blog writing, SEO, Google AdWords and Analytics.
• Content Writing

Desirable skill set:
• 1 year minimum experience working in sales
• 3rd Level Qualification
• Digital Marketing Experience would be an advantage
• Ability to work to targets and the initiative to recommend new approach as appropriate
• Strong inter-personal skills
• Excellent communication skills and telephone manner
• Be comfortable making sales calls in an office environment
• Have your own transport for meeting potential new clients

Salary: This will be based on experience.

C.V Applications to be sent to:

So what exactly is web analytics? In simple terms, web analytics is used to measure, collect, report and analyse web data, with the aim of understanding and optimising web usage. This being said, web analytics is not solely used for these purposes, it is also a tool used for measuring website traffic and for business/market research.

In the modern global business world, the importance of web analytics has become critical for understanding how best to market what you have to offer. Understanding the importance of web analytics and understanding how to use it, may help give your business a much stronger online presence.

Why is Web Analytics So Important?

Web analytics allows you to track exactly where your web traffic is coming from. It also tracks the types of blogs, topics and pages that invite the most traffic. It can tell you what specific day of the week is the busiest, and the keywords your customers, and potential customers, are typing into search engines that lead them to your website. You can also trace how and where traffic leads turn into conversions.

The importance of web analytics and this type of information is invaluable in order to help you maximise your online sales and marketing leads, and enhancing your user experience. It allows you to determine what kind of content will best serve the wants of your audience online.

You can target the best way to use your online marketing budget and what keywords to use if you’re starting a Google AdWords campaign. You can also determine if you should continue to dedicate man hours on your social media platforms, and which one is working best for you.

Not using web analytics is a crime in todays’ online business environment. By using it, you are giving yourself and immediate competitive advantage.

FCDM Understand The Importance Of Web Analytics

The team here at FCDM believe that Web Analytics can be used to improve every element of your online presence and is the most powerful tool available to digital marketers. Analytics helps improve the customer journey and in turn improves the company’s bottom line, web analytics is a key ingredient to online success.

Call our web analytics team at FCDM today!
importance of web analytics Content Marketing is the promotion of a product or service through the creation and sharing of relevant and valuable content. It is used to attract and obtain a clearly defined target group, with the overall objective of making a sale/conversion.

Content Marketing is the skill of speaking to your customers without actually selling. Instead of using a sale pitch, a business is trying to deliver information which in fact makes your buyer more intelligent.

3 Tips to Help Create Successful Content Marketing

1 – Know you target audience: It is important to take the time to get to know your audience. This will involve doing the required research into the demographics of the social marketing tools you use to share.

2 – Reduce self-referencing: Endless self-referencing will deter engagement with your clients and potential clients. It is best to use stories to explain the advantages of what your company has to offer.

3 – Share what works: Always consider what works for you and your business. It is always best when creating content, to stick to your strengths and talents. In terms of content marketing, it may be best to use pictures or videos to show off what your business does.

FCDM’s Content Creation Services

At FCDM our content creation services division, consists of a team of writers who are available for one on one meetings. The meeting will consist of the client and the writers, having a brain storm, of what the website should represent.

After this initial meeting, the in house writers will come up with the content to suit the business’s core concept. We believe that making the content as interesting as possible, we give the content a purpose and give all readers a call to action. This may be in reference to buying something, signing up for an email newsletter or simply an enquiry.

When compiling the content for a website, we never copy content from any sources. This is not good for page ranking, and extremely bad practice. We only use unique content for our entire website.  Here are some ways to go in the right direction:
  • Include Keywords to your site
  • Brainstorm with clients on direction of content
  • Unique Content for each website
  • Expert writers available in house

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content marketing
  Whether you have an active company website, or you have plans to design one soon, it is crucial to identify good website characteristics. Doing this gives you the best chance of having success online. An unappealing or badly designed website has the potential to do more harm than good, as it can show your business in an unprofessional light.

Good website characteristics include:

• Presentable
• Good content
• Accurate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
• Functional
• Easy to use

Presentable: A good website has to be easy on the eye, tidy and look professional. A company website says a lot about you, and what you do. First impressions are lasting, and your company website is more often than not, the first impression for your potential clients.

Good Content: Now that your website looks the part, you must now fill it with quality information. Your website should contain content that is both relevant and informative. It is a great opportunity to show off your knowledge and experience.

Accurate SEO: With the implementation of good SEO, your company website can be the first thing people see on such search engines as Google and Internet Explorer etc. Studies have shown that people rarely go past the first page on a search engine when looking for a product or service. This is why accurate SEO is so important for what your comapny has to offer, with respect to your website.

Functional: There is no point having a beautiful looking website with quality content if your website doesn’t work correctly. A badly structured website will leave customers and potential customers irritated and dissatisfied with your company. This includes; spelling, punctuation, grammar, hyperlinks, contact forms etc.

Easy to use: A website should be easy to navigate in order to enhance user experience. Keep it simple, with fast loading pages and try and keep it as consistent as possible. There is no point having great products if customers can’t locate them easily, so a simple layout is key.

FCDM Endorse Good Website Characteristics

Here at FCDM, we are advocates of good website characteristics. We design websites with striking beauty and memorable user experiences that will set you apart from the crowd. We mix design and data, this gives customers unique and enjoyable experiences online and keeps them coming back time and time again.

Recognising the needs of our clients, we have grown our online services offering expertise Digital Marketing Consultation and top class multifunctional websites.

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good website characteristics The team at FCDM are delighted to announce the development of a new Edgewater Physio website, who are a physiotherapy clinic based based in Tullamore. The team have worked extremely hard with the staff at Edgewater to make this happen.

Edgewater Physio Tullamore are a skilled, chartered physiotherapists, who have vast experience in treating a wide range of conditions. They provide a top class service, which is backed up by their many satisfied customers.

Edgewater Physio came to us here at FCDM with the hope of designing a website that would mirror their great reputation. They wanted us to design a website that was user friendly and easily navigated, for theirgrowing client base.

At FCDM, we took everything that Edgewater Physio wanted on board, and began to put their ideas into action.

On the homepage, it displays options including:
      • About Edgewater Physio
      • The treatments they provide i.e. massage, electrotherapy
      • The conditions they treat i.e. whiplash, sports injuries
      • Who they help
      • Their opening hours and appointments
      • Customer testimonials

Designing the New Edgewater Physio Website

We at FCDM used rotating banners on the website to make it that bit more unique, and designed it from a client friendly perspective.

As always , we applied the latest SEO techniques to all pages (search engine optimisation) on the new Edgewater Physio website, in order boost customer awareness on popular search engine such as; Google, Firefox and Internet Explorer etc. Using SEO increases the visibility of your website, so that customers can easily find you.

FCDM have set up a ‘Contact’ option on the new Edgewater Physio website, which allows new and existing customers to easily contact them, day or night.

We have also set up links to the Edgewater Physio Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages.

At FCDM, we use the very best content management systems such as WordPress and Magento. Our comprehensive skill set includes marketing, web development, graphic design, search engine optimisation, content development and project management expertise.

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  • new edgewater physio website
  Redesign Your Website

Have you come to the knowledge that your company website is not doing as well as it should be? A website redesign could be just the boost that your business needs. Many people may think that a website redesign is just as simple as putting a new face on your site, but it goes much deeper than a quick spruce up. A website redesign can make your business stand out from the crowd and help you climb to the top of top search engines.

There are many reasons why you should redesign your website for example; if you feel that your business is not getting the desired outcome and not attracting enough new customers. If your business has altered its business goals and strategies, or has diversified in to another area of business. Or you simply want to move with the times with a fresh new look in order to improve sales.

Many business websites can be complicated to navigate, so if you are considering a redesign of your website, you should try to keep it simple and easy to use. Your current and potential customers won’t want to waste their time on a website that is slow, outdated and that doesn’t operate properly.

Why Redesign Your Website

A newly redesigned website will allow your business to take advantage of web analytics, which can be used to track and improve every element of your online presence. New marketing methods such as Google Adwords, up to date SEO strategies and Social Networking which are incorporated in your website redesign can help deliver results better, faster and more efficiently.

So, if you think you need to redesign your website, here at FCDM our websites are designed with striking beauty and memorable user experiences that will set you apart from your competitors. We mix design and data, this gives customers a unique and enjoyable experience online and keeps them coming back time and time again.

At FCDM we use the very best Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Magento. Our comprehensive skill set includes marketing, web development, graphic design, search engine optimisation, content development and project management expertise.

If you’re tired of not getting the most out of your online experience and want to redesign your website, then why not call one of our highly qualified staff.
  With the ever growing trend of on-line spending, it is estimated that only 23% of small Irish businesses are involved in any meaningful way in e-commerce sales. It is currently understood that 70% of on-line sales take place in the overseas market. Hence, there is now an urgency from the Irish government, through the online trading voucher, to encourage and support local businesses by providing a grant of up to €2,500 or 50% of eligible expenditure to combat this worrying trend.

In order to facilitate this goal, the National Digital Strategy aims to get a further 2,000 companies trading on-line by the end of 2015. To this end, the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) has teamed up with the local Enterprises Offices to deliver the online trading voucher to Irish businesses. They see the need for Irish companies to increase their on-line presence through the design of a company website, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media Marketing.

FCDM and the Online Trading Voucher

FCDM are a leading firm in the area of e-commerce websites and welcome the online trading voucher. They see it as a great way for Irish companies to grow and expand their sales, and their overall exposure. The team at FCDM have a passion for delivering results through their highly skilled website designers and coders. The firm provides their clients with a completely unique and tailored product in the context of a website, while using the most advanced web technology and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. FCDM have an impressive skill set which includes; marketing, web development, graphic design, SEO, content development and project management expertise. The team will work in partnership with you to deliver your on-line goals, and create and deliver a measurable digital marketing strategy that has proven results for our clients.

At FCDM, we believe that one of the most important things for any business is to build a loyal client base. “We work close with our clients to build this relationship and we acknowledge that this star quality has made FCDM Ireland’s leading website development and digital marketing firm”. If you feel your business has peaked and you’re looking for a new way to increase sales and exposure, then take advantage of the on-line trading voucher. Here at FCDM, we will provide you with all the information you need to get your business out there, and increase your potential client reach.

 Contact FCDM for a competitive quote today.


ecommerce voucher scheme
  The Ecommerce Voucher Scheme which was recently launched by DCENR (Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources), offers small businesses with the opportunity to improve their online presence. They do this by providing them with a grant of up to €2,500 or 50% of eligible expenditure. Recent statistics have shown that the Irish public spend in excess of €4 billion online each year, but only a trivial amount of this goes to local Irish businesses. The primary cause of this is that only 23% of Irish businesses are currently operating online, or have some kind of online presence. This is a worrying statistic given the endless reach that the internet provides. FCDM are experts at ecommerece websites and welcome the voucher scheme to any company who can avail of it.

Businesses that are eligible and that can avail of the Ecommerce Voucher Scheme are ones with which have minimal or no prior online trading presence. They must have less than 10 employees currently working on their payroll. They must be officially registered and trading for at least 12 months. Businesses must also be located in amongst the pilot locations under this ecommerce voucher scheme. The ecommerce voucher scheme can be used for such things including; IT consultations, development or upgrade of an e-commerce website, implementing online payments or booking systems, social media marketing and S.E.O (search engine optimisation) etc.

The benefits of a business having an online presence are endless, as more and more people log onto the internet every day. Placing your business online opens so many doors and has the potential for global exposure. Having a website can help your business leverage web services for streamlining data transfer to and from your business. It allows your current and potential customers to easily access what your company has to offer in the comfort of their own home. It also offers a greater reachability of your business profile, greater possibility for promoting your business portfolio, allows for efficient low-cost advertising, and saves your business time and money.

With this in mind, it would be irresponsible in my opinion for Irish businesses not to take advantage of the ecommerce voucher scheme, as its potential for the growth of a company are seemingly endless. If you’re a company that has been afraid to move with the times, or stuck in your ways of doing things, companies such as FCDM, offer a wide range of services such as website design, digital marketing and SEO. They take the hassle and the headache out of getting the online exposure that your business needs in order to grow and expand.

The Irish government are providing local business with the perfect chance to grow their online presence through the ecommerce voucher scheme, so why not take advantage of it?

Contact FCDM for a competitive quote today.

ecommerce voucher scheme

IPS Groupage Services

IPS Groupage ServicesFCDM are very happy to announce the redesign and launch IPS Groupage Services.
IPS Groupage Services Ltd. was established in 1983 and is a privately owned Irish company specialising in global sea and air freight services.

IPS prides themselves on integrity and taking pride in what they do. They offer a professional and personal service that is specific to the needs of their clients.

We believe that IPS “The Global Freight Company” goes that extra mile for their customers, as they provide worldwide services and a global agency network that covers all borders.

In addition to this, they provide a system to move client’s cargo by air or sea from any place in the world to any other global destination, no matter how remote! FCDM jumped at the chance to be involved in the redesign of this website.

IPS Groupage Services have attained a world-class repetition for their services and the team at FCDM believe that we have created a world-class website to go with that repetition.

The newly designed site was created by our head designer Michael who worked closely with Laura, who was our main contact from IPS. Laura had a clear vision of what the company wanted in terms of redesign and met with Micheal on a number of occasions for consolations regarding the direction of the site. Laura and IPS could not be happier with the end result. Laura stated that” it’s better than we could have even imagined”.

The website consists of cool blues and three rotating banners on the homepage which gives it a professional look that is fitting for IPS. FCDM have used rotating banners as we believe them to be very effective and a powerful tool to draw in potential customers.
We wanted the website to be clear and concise as over loading the website would detour customers from what IPS has to offer. The goal was to highlight IPS information on their two main services that they offer such as Sea Freight and Air Freight Forwarding.
A very important factor for Laura and IPS was that the site offered multiple points of contact from users directly to the at their Cork and Dublin offices. This can be seen on the contact us page and throughout the entire website. The option to get a quote could not be similar.

In addition to this IPS also wanted to incorporate forms that could be downloaded with ease. Weather you require application forms for cargo, transfer of residence or a customs clearance form, IPS has all the information that you may need.

FCDM wish Laura and all the staff at IPS Groupage Services Ltd. all the best in the future and with their new website.