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Are You Looking For A Digital Marketing Company To Enhance Your Online Presence?


The way we view and live in this world is rapidly changing as both a consumer and a business. You’re existing and potential customers are on the move and are spending more and more time on mobile devices rather than on a desktop.


Why Should I Trade Online Now?


The days of locating the phone book, looking for a business address near you and going to the premises to make a purchase have changed dramatically over the years. The likelihood of the purchase search process today, is whereby someone is sitting in their home or workplace. They may be either in the country or millions of miles away and they are looking for your products and services. They will first go online and search for the types of items or services that your company supplies, but they will not purchase from you as they cannot find your business. This is because you have no online presence and are not accessible to the potential customer. If you are not online, put simply, you are missing out on sales that your online competitors are delighted to receive.


Why Are People Shopping Online?


One of the main reasons for an increase in customers shopping habits and in this method of shopping is down to the increased use of mobile devices and to the accessibility of the expanding online market. With an online presence, your customers can shop 24/7 from morning to night! Your customers can view your products from the comfort of their own home and can make a purchase compared to waiting until your business opens up the next morning at 9 am. In this time they may change their mind, or worse, go to one of your competitor’s website and spend their money there.

FCDM Want To Help You…

At FCDM, our friendly team will help and assist you at every step of your exciting online journey. It is now the perfect time to create a virtual version of your bricks and mortar business, as there is now a great incentive to small businesses. This incentive is called the “Online Trading Voucher” and is available to small businesses now. The Irish Government are offering your business a grant of up to €2,500 to help you get your business online. Click here to find out more about this amazing grant. 

FCDM is a digital marketing company that can give you the ability to reach clients all over the world, which you would not have had the ability to reach before your website implementation. We can help you increase sales through organic search and through paid search ads, also known as Google Adwords.


FCDM are Certified Google Adwords Partners and have been trained to the highest level of Google’s Standard.


Our approach:


FCDM’s Digital Marketing Approach


  • Our digital marketing company takes the time to listen to you, so that we can fully and truly learn who you are and what it is you do. FCDM do this in order to examine what the current competitive landscape looks like for your industry.


  • A detailed website analytics review will be carried out with complete benchmarking of your current online performance.


  • A detailed roadmap will be generated, we will then advise you of our specific course of action that we will develop for your online business.


  • Once devised, the strategy will help determine the next steps for your individual needs.


  • A detailed website draft will be created by our experienced website developer’s. This will include how your website should ascetically look, the type of content it should have, which is based on the most current SEO techniques and will demonstrate to you how the website would be structured and navigated.


  • Social Media: We will create a structured tactical plan that will suit all your online needs to generate sales while also raising awareness of your business.


FCDM is Ireland’s number 1 digital marketing company and we have both the knowledge base and the technical ability to drive your business forward.


If you would like more information on partnering with a digital marketing company please call us today on 09064-93740.


At FCDM, our experienced ecommerce web developers have built hundreds of professional and hugely commercially successful e-commerce sites that continuously deliver an optimised user experience. FCDM strive to ensure that our client’s e-commerce websites are providing the best possible user experience and delivering the best possible customer conversion rates.


At FCDM, we understand that unique website development, design and a strong online presence are key to attracting and retaining customers. Our expert ecommerce web developers create websites to fit our client’s unique needs.


Since partnering with FCDM, has went from having virtually no online sales to generating over 75% of business through their ecommerce website. The online growth of the ecommerce website has been phenomenal and is now the No.1 online flower website in Dubai. partnered with FCDM to create and manage their online presence throughout Ireland. The FCDM web developer team created a user-friendly ecommerce website to gain, engage and retain customers. is now the largest one-stop pet shop in Ireland and has gained a nationwide reputation for service excellence in a friendly environment.


Our team of ecommerce web developers can deliver an ecommerce solution tailored to your unique business needs. At FCDM, we use the very best Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Magento to suit businesses of all sizes.


  • Small to medium online shops – Our ecommerce web developers often suggest using WordPress. This CMS is user friendly and allows for much more control over the content of your online shop.


  • Large online shopsFCDM recommend Magento as our web developers have the necessary technical knowledge needed to work with Magento, which is one of the most popular solutions available.


At FCDM, our ecommerce web developers are experts in providing mobile solutions that are crucial to building online success. All of our e-commerce websites are built in a mobile responsive design.


Contact our expert ecommerce web developers today!

Using social media for business is now just as important as having a store front or business website, period! Why is that? Social media allows you to target specific customer demographics with the click of a button. It gives you a mass of power that can help you better understand your customers’ behaviour and thus be able to reach them on a personal level.

This being said, there are still many businesses that aren’t using this gift correctly and may be doing damage to their reputation or brand. Below we will delve into some social media for business laws that can help you promote your product/service/brand in an effective way that will pay dividends for your company.

Social Media Laws

Listening: This is something that many businesses neglect and it could cost you endless amounts of information regarding your target audience. Take time out of your day to see what your customers are sharing, what they are saying, what they like and what they are interested in. Doing so can help you engage with new and existing customers, thus allowing you to serve them better. This ground work will have a knock on effect on how customers perceive your brand and business.

Focus: Social media for business requires a great deal of focus. This means that it is better to try and concentrate on the market segment that is going to produce results, rather than cast your net too wide and not make any impact. This will require you to put a personality to your brand and target appropriately.

Quality: We see more and more companies that actually purchase followers and likes online. This is very apparent as when they post a product offering, one may see at most 5 likes. Where are the other 20,000 followers? Offline? FCDM believe that it is better to have 100 real followers than 10,000 fake followers. In the long run, if you do things the right way, you will get the followers you deserve and you can reach people who actually want to be reached.

FCDM are Social Media Experts

Here at FCDM, we provide a full range of digital marketing activities and are experts in social media for business. We have executed countless and successful social media campaigns that have both increased company, brand awareness and online sales/enquiries.

When you work with FCDM, you are gaining a business partner that will treat your business like it was our own.

Social Media for Business

FCDM – Social media for business made easy!

remarketingWhat is remarketing?

Remarketing is a smart way to re-engage with those people who have visited your website but who may not have necessarily made a purchase or enquiry. Remarketing allows you to position enticing ads in front of those visitors as they browse elsewhere on the internet.

What are the benefits of remarketing?

Brand Awareness & Custom Graphics – With remarketing, it allows you to design your advert using custom graphics and designs that match your company’s brand and theme. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make it easy for current and potential clients to recognise you.

Targeted Ad Copy – When beginning a remarketing campaign, it does make sense to target visitors using different ad copies. When targeting a first time visitor to your website your ad copy might display – “Flowers for Sale – €5 Off on Registration”. On the other hand, for a returning visitor your ad copy might display – “Still Need Flowers? Check Out Some Flowers You May Have Missed”.

Reduced CPC (Cost per Click) – Remarketing campaigns typically have a higher click through rate as the people with whom you are targeting are already familiar with your brand/service/product and, therefore, more likely to click on your remarketing advert. You have a better chance of improving your conversion rate as your click through rate increases.

Increased Conversion Rate – When creating a remarketing campaign the ultimate goal is to interact with current or potential customers, with the end goal of acquiring a conversion. A conversion may come in the form of a sale, an enquiry, a submission or download etc. Remarketing makes it easier to convert visitors of your website into customers as the person is further down the buying cycle process compared to those who are unfamiliar with your business, and what you do.

Specific Site Selection – Another great benefit of remarketing is that you can evaluate specific websites in terms of their click through rates. If your advert is showing on a certain website and it is not performing how you would like, you can stop your advert from showing up on that particular website.

FCDM‘s Remarketing Campaigns

FCDM have worked with a lot of companies over the years, and have designed calculated remarketing campaigns that have yielded great results., who are a long time client of FCDM, have had great success with remarketing and have seen their online conversion rates grow by 75%. This growth has seen become the no.1 online flower delivery company in Ireland.

Contact FCDM about remarketing today and lets turn that maybe into a YES!

Mobile Friendly Websites?

Mobile friendly websites are simply websites that look and display correctly on such handheld devices such as tablets, smartphones, iPads, iPhones etc. Having a mobile friendly website will allow your website to load fast and be easy to read on the devices mentioned previously.

Google will rank mobile friendly websites higher from April 21st 2015

This is big news for online companies, as Google is to alter its algorithms so that businesses that don’t have mobile friendly websites will suffer in terms of their Google ranking. This change will have a substantial bearing on mobile searches in countries worldwide, with the aim of finding higher quality results, according to Google.

So what does this mean? Well, this will come as welcome news to all users of mobile internet devices, as it will encourage those websites that have yet to become mobile, to finally do so. This will make it much easier for people on the go to browse more and more websites without having to change to a laptop computer or PC.

How can your business combat this change?

The best way to combat this change by Google is to simply have your website optimised for the use of mobile devices. Making it so your website is mobile-friendly will have other knock-on effects other than an increased Google ranking. Statistics shows that mobile friendly websites typically have higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

It is also important to choose a web design company that have a proven track record in designing mobile friendly websites. Make sure to check out the work they have done previously, as it will give you a great idea of how your website will look afterwards.

FCDM have years of experience in designing mobile friendly websites

The team here at FCDM believe that user experience is everything when it comes to designing websites. It is vital when designing a mobile responsive website that everything transfers over seamlessly, without any glitches. There must be consistency throughout each device whether that be a smartphone, iPhone or tablet. This consistency will help increase user experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

When you choose to work with FCDM, you will be getting the full online and digital experience in terms of website design, mobile friendly website design, digital marketing and online industry knowledge.

FCDM – Allow us to grow your business!

mobile-friendly websites

What are Google Certified Partners?

Put simply, Google certified partners are those online marketing companies that are most trusted by Google. These particular companies are Google certified to help grow your business online. They use Google best practices and excel with Google products i.e. Google AdWords.

As Google certified partners FCDM is always looking to stay up to date with the latest Google tools/products, and they do this by passing Google administered certification exams. Google partners work directly with Google in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits of becoming Google Certified Partners?

Google certified partners are more equipped to help your business grow and prosper online. They have taken the required Google exams and are certified appropriately. On becoming a Google certified partner, you are also presented with a badge to say you are a trusted Google company, and then added to the Google partners’ page. When your company earns the badge, Google introduces you to potential clients through unique search engines for partners.

It also promotes your company’s profile, and increases the service skills that you can provide for your clients. Your clients will also have more faith in your abilities when you are dealing with their online marketing as you will be Google certified.

FCDM are Google Certified Partners

Here at FCDM we have gained our Google partnership through completing the Google AdWords certification exams, by demonstrating our expertise and knowledge in this area. These exams are designed to test a company’s knowledge of Google advertising best practice, which we passed with flying colours.

FCDM have years of experience in setting up calculated and successful Google AdWords campaigns for many of our clients. We can help you reach new customers and grow your online business. FCDM can then analyse reports on how your ad is doing in order to see how many new customers connect to your business from your ad.

If you are interested in working with Google certified partners, then look no further than the expert team here at FCDM. Helping your business grow online is what we are best at.

Call FCDM today to discuss your needs!

google certified partners

Are you thinking about Redesigning your Website?

Redesigning your website to a business is like getting a fresh new hair cut to a person. The main package stays the same, but it just looks more visually appealing and up to date. The business world is always changing, so it’s important to stay fresh and current. It is too easy to take your “eye off the ball” and let things slip, which is why redesigning your website every 3-5 years is so important.

Reasons for redesigning your website:

A- Your business website is your online face and can be the first impression potential customers have of you. Having a badly designed website can say a lot more than you think about your business. For instance, you wouldn’t stroll into a business meeting with potential clients, unshaven and wearing unclean clothes, or would you??  Your website, for this same reason, needs to look the part that you are trying to portray in the big bad business world. It must give off a message that you take what you do very seriously.

B- It is no secret that online shopping is the “now” and that it certainly is the future. It is predicted that by 2020, an estimated 90% of all shopping will take place online. Your website will become your main storefront, so you best have it looking and running its best. A slow and poorly designed website will not attract people to want to shop online with you.

C- Another important fact to note is that people are using their smart devices now, to both browse the internet, and also to shop online. Having a website that is mobile responsive can add to your business image, as well as increase sales. Recent stats have shown that 60% of people using the internet access it through a smart device, so having a mobile responsive website can help tap into this potential resource.

Redesigning your website with FCDM

FCDM websites are built to help their customers achieve their online goals fast and efficiently. All our websites are search engine friendly and designed to engage, inform and convert web visitors into active customers. We design websites with striking beauty and memorable user experiences that will set you apart from your competitors.

In-house we have:

• Experienced team of web designers with an exceptional eye for design
• Well-seasoned Coders
• User Experience Design Specialists
• Search Engine Optimisation Experts
• Professional content creators
• All websites mobile/tablet enabled with responsive design

FCDM – Making your business a success online is what we do!
redesigning your website

Who are FCDM (Full Circle Digital Marketing)?

We are a dynamic online and digital marketing agency based in Athlone, Roscommon. We provide a complete solution to the challenges facing small to medium sized businesses trying to increase their online presence. We also provide customer generation and retention through the internet, from website design through to a complete online marketing service.

What do we do? (Online Marketing)

Our company provides website design, website maintenance, monthly online marketing and advertising campaigns, and ongoing social media management. FCDM manages the total online marketing for its customers. The unique selling point for our company is the absolute focus on increasing conversion rates for every client via analytics, which delivers increased sales leads and in turn increases sales and profitability.

Benefits of working with FCDM?

Our overall aim here at FCDM is to work in partnership with our clients, in order to help deliver your business goals. Our expert team offers you a unique blend of skills
consisting of creativity, technical expertise, advanced project management, social media and content development experience. We have a proven track record in achieving award-winning marketing solutions for many of Ireland’s top companies. We have provided clients from all over the world with many online marketing services from email newsletter design to Google AdWords campaigns.


Since coming on board with FCDM over 3 years ago has went from having virtually no online sales, to having over 75% of their business through online sales. The online growth of the website has been phenomenal.

The FCDM team created a user-friendly website to gain, engage and retain customers. is now Ireland’s number 1 flower website, and has changed the way in which flowers are distributed.

This was made possible through the collaboration between both and FCDM. has a team of expert florists throughout Ireland and we have pushed them into the internet world making them a globally recognised business.

There is no secret behind the success of FCDM achieved top results through hard work, knowledge and experience. We have a team of highly driven experts and we are passionate about achieving results through online marketing.

Call the FCDM team today and allow us to help your business grow.

online marketing FCDM is looking for a Sales and Marketing Assistant to join our team.

FCDM is a Digital Marketing company based in Athlone. Our team deals with website development and online marketing. Recognising the needs of our clients, we have grown our online services, offering expertise Digital Marketing Consultation and top class multifunctional websites.

Key responsibilities and duties include:

• Build relationships with existing business to business clients
• Develop leads and generate new business
• Maximise revenue spend with each company
• Project a professional impression of the company
• Cold calling to arrange meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business
• Digital Marketing Activities including social media, blog writing, SEO, Google AdWords and Analytics.
• Content Writing

Desirable skill set:
• 1 year minimum experience working in sales
• 3rd Level Qualification
• Digital Marketing Experience would be an advantage
• Ability to work to targets and the initiative to recommend new approach as appropriate
• Strong inter-personal skills
• Excellent communication skills and telephone manner
• Be comfortable making sales calls in an office environment
• Have your own transport for meeting potential new clients

Salary: This will be based on experience.

C.V Applications to be sent to:

So what exactly is web analytics? In simple terms, web analytics is used to measure, collect, report and analyse web data, with the aim of understanding and optimising web usage. This being said, web analytics is not solely used for these purposes, it is also a tool used for measuring website traffic and for business/market research.

In the modern global business world, the importance of web analytics has become critical for understanding how best to market what you have to offer. Understanding the importance of web analytics and understanding how to use it, may help give your business a much stronger online presence.

Why are Web Analytics So Important?

Web analytics allows you to track exactly where your web traffic is coming from. It also tracks the types of blogs, topics and pages that invite the most traffic. It can tell you what specific day of the week is the busiest, and the keywords your customers, and potential customers, are typing into search engines that lead them to your website. You can also trace how and where traffic leads turn into conversions.

The importance of web analytics and this type of information is invaluable in order to help you maximise your online sales and marketing leads, and enhancing your user experience. It allows you to determine what kind of content will best serve the wants of your audience online.

You can target the best way to use your online marketing budget and what keywords to use if you’re starting a Google AdWords campaign. You can also determine if you should continue to dedicate man hours on your social media platforms, and which one is working best for you.

Not using web analytics is a crime in todays’ online business environment. By using it, you are giving yourself and immediate competitive advantage.

FCDM Understand The Importance Of Web Analytics

The team here at FCDM believe that Web Analytics can be used to improve every element of your online presence and is the most powerful tool available to digital marketers. Analytics helps improve the customer journey and in turn improves the company’s bottom line, web analytics is a key ingredient to online success.

Call our web analytics team at FCDM today!
importance of web analytics