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28 May
Digital Marketing Company FCDM
Are You Looking For A Digital Marketing Company To Enhance Your Online Presence? The way we view and live in this world is rapidly changing as both a consumer and a business. You’re existing and potential customers are on the move and are spending more and more time on mobile devices rather than on a desktop. Why Should I Trade Online Now? The days of locating the phone book, looking for a business address near you and going to the premises to make a purchase have changed dramatically over the years. The lik
25 May
Ecommerce Web Developers
At FCDM, our experienced ecommerce web developers have built hundreds of professional and hugely commercially successful e-commerce sites that continuously deliver an optimised user experience. FCDM strive to ensure that our client’s e-commerce websites are providing the best possible user experience and delivering the best possible customer conversion rates. At FCDM, we understand that unique website development, design and a strong online presence are key to attracting and retaining customers. Our expert ecommerce w
30 Apr
Social Media for Business
Using social media for business is now just as important as having a store front or business website, period! Why is that? Social media allows you to target specific customer demographics with the click of a button. It gives you a mass of power that can help you better understand your customers’ behaviour and thus be able to reach them on a personal level. This being said, there are still many businesses that aren’t using this gift correctly and may be doing damage to their reputation or brand. Below we will delve into
09 Apr
Why your business should be Remarketing
What is remarketing? Remarketing is a smart way to re-engage with those people who have visited your website but who may not have necessarily made a purchase or enquiry. Remarketing allows you to position enticing ads in front of those visitors as they browse elsewhere on the internet. What are the benefits of remarketing? Brand Awareness & Custom Graphics – With remarketing, it allows you to design your advert using custom graphics and designs that match your company’s brand and theme. This will allow you to d