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content marketing Content Marketing
Content Marketing is the promotion of a product or service through the creation and sharing of relevant and valuable content. It is used to attract and obtain a clearly defined target group, with the overall objective of making a sale/conversion. Content Marketing is the skill of speaking to your customers without actually selling. Instead of using a sale pitch, a business is trying to deliver information which in fact makes your buyer more intelligent. 3 Tips to Help Create Successful Content Marketing 1 - K
good website characteristics Good Website Characteristics
Whether you have an active company website, or you have plans to design one soon, it is crucial to identify good website characteristics. Doing this gives you the best chance of having success online. An unappealing or badly designed website has the potential to do more harm than good, as it can show your business in an unprofessional light. Good website characteristics include: • Presentable • Good content • Accurate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) • Functional • Easy to use Presentable: A good websi

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